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Grace Community School

What is Kindergarten all about?

We have Kindergarten!

In the State of Florida, your child is eligible for Kindergarten if he or she turns five by September 1 of the school year. To sign up, you will need your child’s immunization record and health form, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, our Kindergarten enrollment form, and a $40 registration fee.

If your child is already attending Grace Community School, this is the perfect opportunity to continue in the safe, friendly environment your child is used to.

Karate, dance, art, and music classes are also available.


Why Choose Grace Community School Kindergarten?

Grace Community School students graduate Pre-K reading — something public school students often don’t achieve until the 3rd grade, if then. Our Kindergarten builds on this success with an advanced educational program giving your child everything he or she needs to succeed.

This is an advanced program! Our kindergarten graduates are often reading at a third-grade level. The Grace Community School math program continues into kindergarten, too. Your child will move seamlessly from the Pre-K Math Circles right into the kindergarten levels. Our kindergarten students learn their addition and subtraction families, story problems, and more.

All our learning instruction is done with fun games and interactive activities. There are parties, dress-up days, and special events throughout the entire school year. Grace Community School Kindergarten finishes in a musical program complete with a graduation ceremony and diploma presentation.


Grace Community School Kindergarten Includes

- All care 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, including before and after school care

- Free breakfast, lunch, snack, and drinks

- Bible instruction

- Advanced reading and math program

- Graduation ceremony and musical program

Contact us for more information and to ask about availability.


Kindergarten Registration Form

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