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What is Reading Instruction all about?

Have you seen what is on the side of our school van and in our advertisements? “Our Preschoolers Can Read.” It’s far more than just a slogan. While other programs are teaching “reading readiness,” Grace Community kids are learning to do things many think are not possible for young children. Many times teaching reading is put off until later because of a mistaken belief that young children can’t learn to read. Nothing could be further from the truth! By breaking the alphabet down into small groups of letters, along with one-on-one phonetic instruction with the teacher, children as young as two years are taking the first steps toward actual reading. By age three, many of these children are turning the alphabet sounds into real words - by themselves! Our three and four-year olds are reading actual books!

Each day, the kids receive one-on-one reading instruction with the teacher, called “Reading Circles.” Children progress through the Circles at their own pace. Certificates are sent home when a Circle is passed. After all the letters and sounds have been learned, they go on to books, which are also sent home. It helps parents stay informed of their children’s progress and accomplishments. How important is it that young children learn to read? Very! Children who learn to read at a young age are more likely to succeed in school now and stay out of trouble later. They also are more likely to enjoy reading. Many kids don’t have fun reading because it is difficult for them. By giving them the skills that not only make reading possible, but easy, you dramatically increase a child’s quality of life. It is impossible to describe the feeling parents and teachers get when they see the joy that being able to read brings to children.

We have decided to celebrate those children who have achieved excellence in reading with our "Reader Boards" found at each of the Grace Community School locations. These special bulletin boards display the pictures and names of children who have learned to read at GCS. We look forward to serving you and your children this school year and in the future.

Reading – Level 1

Book 1-2 (S & M Blends/Words)

Book 3 (T, B, & M Blends/Words)

Book 4 (F, G, & M Blends/Words)

Book 5 (P & H Blends/Words)

Book 6 (L, C, & K Blends/Words)

Book 7 (C, K, N, & P Blends/Words)

Book 8 (D, J, & F Blends/Words)

Book 9 (Y, V, C, & K Blends/Words)

Book 10 (W & Z Blends/Words)

Book 11 (Mixed Blends/Words)

Book 12 (Mixed Blends/Words)

Reading – Level 2

Book 1 – Tip (Short Vowel Sentence Reading)

Book 2 – Gus (Short Vowel Sentence Reading )

Book 3 – Tess & Bess (Short Vowel Sentence Reading )

Book 4 – Matt the Rat (Short Vowel Sentence Reading )

Book 5 – Pet Pete (Short & Long Vowel Sentence Reading )

Book 6 – Jake (Short & Long Vowel Sentence Reading )

Book 7 – Dave (Short & Long Vowel Sentence Reading )

Book 8 – A Pal (Short & Long Vowel Sentence Reading)

Reading – Level 3

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