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What is Weekly Photos all about?

Grace Community provides a unique photo program not offered by any other childcare facility. Every week while your child attends our school they will have their picture taken. Pictures may be of fun activities your child is participating in at school, or a picture of them with their best friends at school.

It may be a picture of them all dressed up on one of our exciting dress-up days, or even a picture of them on the playground with friends, or it may even be a picture of them having fun in a bounce house or water slide on one of our special event days! We try to capture those smiles that you may have missed while hard at work. Pictures are printed and sent home with you every week at no extra cost to you. We know how much seeing your child happy at school means to you.

Many of our parents have told us how much they enjoy our photo program. Seeing their child happy and having fun at school reinforces their choice to pick Grace Community School. We hear stories of what others do with the many photos they get of their child. Some parents post their child's picture on the fridge at home, while others take them to work and hang them up in the office. Others send pictures to family members that may not get the opportunity to see their grandchild, niece, or nephew on a regular basis, while others have saved each photo in a photo album. Having a visual record of your child growing up is worth its weight in gold.

We are thankful to all those, like yourself, that have chosen us to be a part of your child's life, and love to help share those special moments that happen day to day.

How much do the photos cost?

Nothing! Each parent will receive one FREE photo of their child absolutely FREE!

What ages will be receiving these FREE Photos?

All children attending on a regular basis will be receiving these FREE photos every week!

In what form will I receive these FREE photos?

These photos will be printed for FREE and given to the parents in a physical 4x6 high gloss photo. In addition, many these photos will be available in digital form so they can be easily shared with friends and family!

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