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Grace Community School

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Western Week

What are Theme Weeks all about?

Grace Community is the place to be for creativity and fun! Every week is filled with something new. New games, new activities, new special events, parties, and even dress-up days! It's definitely not school as usual. We pride ourselves on having not only the most challenging and rewarding educational program of any childcare facility in SWFL, but we also are the most innovative. All of our activities combine developmental and educational goals with games and activities. It's learning without the boredom! 

Our program takes advantage of children's natural desire for knowledge and information and combines it with their love for fun and engaging activities.

Grace Community School was first established in 1986. For more than 29 years Grace Community has been the leading childcare provider in Southwest Florida. Exceptional childcare and an emphasis on educational achievement at the preschool level has lead to the development of slogans such as "Our Preschoolers Can Read," and "College Can Begin At 2." 

The College Can Begin At 2 Preschool Curriculum was developed in order to provide a fun, entertaining, and educationally rigorous preschool experience. Children are able to grow developmentally and educationally without becoming bored or unproductive. Our Curriculum combines fun and education with spectacular results!

Theme Weeks List:

Holiday Week

Creation Week

Outer Space Week

Bugs, Butterflies, & Creepy

Crawlies Week

Farm & Garden Week

Fruits & Vegetables Week

Five Senses Week

Jungle Week

Oceans, Rivers, & Lakes Week

Fairy Tales (1) Week

Colors Week

Balloon Week

Song & Dance Week

Medieval Week

Sports Week

Wet & Wild Week

Animal Planet Week

Hawaii Week

Classroom Materials Week

Food Week

Dinosaurs Week

Pirate Week

Carnival & Circus Week

Transportation Week

School Spirit Week

Arts & Craft Week

Fairy Tales (2) Week

Around the World Week

Community Helpers Week

Thanksgiving Week

Christmas Week

Valentine’s Week

Easter Week

Activities Include:

51 Themed Lesson Plans

Exciting and detailed lesson plans for the entire year. Each lesson plan is dated to allow teachers and parents know the dates when their class or child will be participating in the activities on each lesson plan. All lesson plans are age appropriate. All games and activities are theme specific for each week. New fun and exciting activities keeps children excited and wanting to participate in the day's events. 

Weekly Learning Goals

Each week has its own learning goals: Letter of the Week, Number of the Week, Color of the Week, & Shape of the Week. Small weekly goals are set so that children are able to learn while having fun. This gives a good balance between learning and play. 

Themed Art Projects

Every week of the year has a themed art project that goes with that week. These projects are simple and entertaining for children.

Special Events, Activities, and Parties

Special events, activities, and parties are some of the most fun and memorable parts of being a child. Throughout the year special events, activities, and parties are planned to further support the week's theme and activities. 

Dress-up Days

Dress Up Days are scheduled throughout the year.

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